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Systems Automated takes a comprehensive approach to assist you in discovering and evaluating your plants challenges, needs and goals. We start with a full discovery of the factors that affect current challenges and limit your operation's cost-effectiveness.

Our personnel are skilled at all aspects of warehouse and factory material movement and study, in depth, the effect that personnel and equipment have in bringing value to your operation.

Our approach:

  • Determine your costs of material movement and storage
    • How much space is truly required?
    • Must all articles be stored in your warehouse?
    • Are the transport distances in your warehouse optimized?
  • Evaluate and quantify the expenditures of labor in the warehouse
    • Value-added and non-value added 'touches'.
    • Repetitive motions
    • Inefficiencies of handling
  • Evaluate throughput and production levels:
    • Receiving
    • Storage
    • Order-picking
    • Manifest and shipping
  • Compare production levels with labor force and required equipment
  • Develop performance scenarios for labor and equipment
  • Analyze electronics and software usage in the warehouse for:
    • Compatibility
    • Expandability
    • Obsolescence
    • Capability to handle your requirements and future goals
  • Calculate cost-benefit analysis of an automated plan
  • Fully design and implement a material handling and packaging equipment plan.
  • Develop phased development plan is necessary.
  • Build and supervise the project

Working together, we are able to create and all-encompassing picture of where you are presently, and where you need to go.